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Golden Rules of CFD Trading

Many novice traders make mistakes when beginning CFD trading and even professionals can destroy their careers if they don’t follow the golden rules of CFD trading. Minimize the risks of trading with CMC Markets by following some simple rules.   Don’t cling to a losing trade. Most traders give up early on in the...
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Debut of an 11th Sector Affects the ETF Industry (Audio)

(Bloomberg) -- The process of splitting real estate companies and REITS from the financial sector gets underway on Wednesday. Jim Ross, chairman of State Street Global Advisors’ asset management unit, comments on how this will affect SSGA’s ETFs. Jeffrey Hirsch, chief executive at Hirsch Holdings, discusses the impact on investors. This...
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US Economic Outlook: Improving GDP Growth 

Recent US economic data indicate that the US may deliver growth of over 2% as well as modestly higher inflation for the second half of the year, for overall 2.0% GDP growth over the next 12 months. Solid employment should … Continue reading
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The different colors of Asian bonds

As the intensifying search for yield goes international, Matt examines and shares his thoughts on the different Asian bond markets.
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Socially Responsible Investing (SRI) – Better Returns for Being “Good”

Fads in the investing world tend to come and go. Most of the time, these fads have a few years in the sun before fading into obscurity. However, every once in awhile, an investing trend or style grabs hold and sticks with the mainstream. A prime exampl...
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