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Posts Tagged ‘ Stock Market Trends ’

Why This Holiday Season Could be a Gloomy One for Stocks

the grinch

The next few weeks, as U.S. markets enter the holiday season, is a time that is traditionally fairly quiet, with a focus on stocks, and a market that tends to trend in an upward direction. This year, however, could be extremely different, with stocks being driven by other, usually less followed markets. Most people...
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A Protection Strategy for Earnings Season


Earnings season can be a time of great opportunity for traders, but for many longer term investors it is a time of great stress and anxiety. Actually, I should qualify that by saying for long term investors who pay attention to the short term performance of their holdings. Obviously, if you don’t even open...
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The Other Side of “Buying the Dip”: Planning to Sell into the Rally

yellow down arrow

I have, on several occasions in the past, including at the end of August and again at the end of last month, cautioned investors against panicking during corrections in the stock market. Several times during those drops in the market and during previous ones my advice has been to “buy the dips” rather than...
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Stock Market Trends – Bottom Fishers Ask – Are We Here Yet?

Wall Street

As UGLY as it’s been, the current correction could have a touch more leg room before hitting bottom Although, It could go either way from here according to ETF Stocks’ bottom picking tool box, but signs point to a bit more blood. On the enough is enough side, Relative Strength Readings for the Dow,...
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Stock Market Trends – Where Do We Go From Here?

Buy Sell Hold

Stocks took a beating yesterday, like a boxer who uses his face to block punches; bloodied, bruised and punch-drunk. The triple, triple digit loss put the S&P 500 underwater for 2015, joining the Dow. Fortunately, the NASDAQ is still above sea level, which is the way ETF Stocks likes it as the NASDAQ is...
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