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Posts Tagged ‘ Stock Market Trends ’

Stock Market Trends – Where Do We Go From Here?

Buy Sell Hold

Stocks took a beating yesterday, like a boxer who uses his face to block punches; bloodied, bruised and punch-drunk. The triple, triple digit loss put the S&P 500 underwater for 2015, joining the Dow. Fortunately, the NASDAQ is still above sea level, which is the way ETF Stocks likes it as the NASDAQ is...
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Stock Market Outlook for the Week of April 6, 2015

Buy Sell Hold

According to ETF Stocks proprietary stock market trends models, investors might be wise to be cautious in the upcoming week. Although our momentum models show strength in the short-term, the overall score reads neutral at the moment. ETF’s Leadership scorecard is in the red, and Market Type says to expect volatility as Wall Street...
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Beagle’s Blog: Trading Diaries – Monday’s Buys and Shorts

beagles blog

My Name is Rich Bieglmeier. I’ve been in the financial services industry for more than 20 years. Everything from a boiler-room broker, to office manager, to newsletter writer, to website editor, to author to… Now, I am in the endeavor I’ve wanted to for my entire Wall Street life, a trader. It’s beautiful; managing...
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Sector Analysis: Targeting Rising Asset Prices Like Ben Bernanke

ETF STOCKS Sector Analysis

Sector Analysis Ben Bernanke’s testimony knocked stocks off the green rail up today. In short, the Federal Reserve Chairman said the economy is OK, but at risk to “substantial downside”. The jobs picture is stabilizing, but “remains far from normal”. Despite higher gas and food prices, inflation is “subdued”, and that housing “affordability has...
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EOD Stock Market Update: Stocks in a Box

EOD Stock Market Update: Stocks in a Box

Stocks showed a bottom today. After making contact with their 12-day moving-averages in the morning, buy programs kicked in and pulled the indexes out of the mud. However, the Dow, NASDAQ, and S&P also showed they are limited by a top. As soon as three hit the upper-boundaries of their current trading ranges, the...
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