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Posts Tagged ‘ ETF Investing ’

Stock Market Trends for July 8, 2011

One of the worst reports I have ever seen is probably the best way to sum up today’s Employment Situation results. 18,000 new jobs, that’s it. Wall Street was expecting something in the neighborhood of 100,000. To make it worse – if that’s possible – last month’s report was revised from a debacle to...
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Stock Market Trends for July 7, 2011

This morning’s ADP Job report showed 157,000 new jobs created. That’s still nowhere close to where it needs to be, but not the disaster that was June’s report. Wall Street can exhale and need not worry too much about Friday’s more important Employment Situation news. It should come in fairly close to or slightly...
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Weekly Sector Scorecard for the Week of July 6, 2011

Good times

After it was Chic, the bulls are singing… Good times, these are the good times Our new state of mind, these are the good times Happy days are here again The time is right for making gains Let’s get together, how ‘bout quarter after 9 Come tomorrow, we will do it again. ETF Stocks...
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Stock Market Trends for July 6, 2011

The indexes spun like a pinwheel yesterday; up and down, round and round the breakeven line. The non-event of a day left stocks pretty much where they ended last week and still at the tip of last week’s rocket ship ride. Looking back previous liftoffs and the S&P’s, NASDAQ’s and Dow’s positions on their...
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ETF Stocks Sector Scorecard for week of June 7, 2011

Bear v Bull

Stock market predictions are enough to give the average investor the bed spins. If you haven’t started, the headline confusion is enough to cause people to start drinking. For example, Scott Bleier, founder of Create Capital, says the bull market was all bull “based on stimulus and two rounds of quantitative easing.” According to...
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