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Posts Tagged ‘ ETF Investing ’

Trading ETFs: Homebuilders ETFs

Research with pen

Following Tuesday’s shake-up, stocks have responded after the indexes made contact with their respective 26-day averages. While some weak hands might have nervously banged their discount-broker’s sell button, the rebound wasn’t a shock to our newsletter readers. Our crack research team alerted our readers not to worry and to take advantage of the dip....
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ETF Screen: Getting a Charge From Utilities

Money Funnel

No matter if you are a professional money manager on Wall Street or a talking baby churning your discount brokerage account, consistent idea generation is a cornerstone of successful investing. To paraphrase a quote attributed to notorious bank robber, Willie Sutton, ETFStocks.com believes that knowing “where the money is” can help identify winners. Our...
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Sector Scorecard: Wrapping Up Thanksgiving Week

falling boxes

Have you ever picked a daisy, pulled out the pedals one at a time, “She/he loves, she/he loves me not?” You remember how hopeful you were that the last pedal between the fingers fell on loves me? It sure seems like Wall Street is using a similar strategy. One day the European debt default...
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Stock Market Trends for July 8, 2011

One of the worst reports I have ever seen is probably the best way to sum up today’s Employment Situation results. 18,000 new jobs, that’s it. Wall Street was expecting something in the neighborhood of 100,000. To make it worse – if that’s possible – last month’s report was revised from a debacle to...
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Stock Market Trends for July 7, 2011

This morning’s ADP Job report showed 157,000 new jobs created. That’s still nowhere close to where it needs to be, but not the disaster that was June’s report. Wall Street can exhale and need not worry too much about Friday’s more important Employment Situation news. It should come in fairly close to or slightly...
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