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Posts Tagged ‘ China ’

EMs: Are Emerging Markets Becoming Safer than Developed Markets?

EMs: Are Emerging Markets Becoming Safer than Developed Markets?

When looking at global growth expectations for the near future, we continue to see a confirmation of the increasing weight of emerging markets (EMs) in the global economy and further divergences in the growth path between them and developed markets … Continue reading
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Four Key Macro Themes Revisited

Podcast The theme of this edition of CIO Insights is the effect of macroeconomic factors on U.S. markets. This recalls our discussion of several issues ago about four key economic developments likely to influence large-cap growth stocks in the coming years. Here we revisit these themes in light of events so far in 2016,...
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The Worst-Performing ETFs Today Could Be Strong Opportunities for Tomorrow

Time and time again we hear about one of the most detrimental behaviors of investors: performance chasing. Markets and asset…
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CIO Insights: Macro Factors vs. Bottom-Up Research

Even before the Brexit¹ vote, global equity performance has been driven by key macroeconomic factors. Two such examples are the actions of the U.S. Federal Reserve (Fed) and China’s economy. With global factors increasingly driving markets, bottom-up investors have been forced to keep one eye on the macroeconomic environment. Read Creveling’s full Q3 2016...
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On the Rise and Fall of Nations

I recently had the opportunity to speak with Ruchir Sharma about his new book The Rise and Fall of Nations,…
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