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Model ETF Portfolios

The conservative portfolio targets a 15% annual return The aggressive portfolio targets a 30% annual return.
with less risk than the S&P 500*.
With complete flexibility and nearly unlimited choices,
Steady, but not necessarily slow is the name of this portfolio will allocate money to ETFs that specialize in
the game with the ETF Stocks’ conservative portfolio. stocks, bonds, countries, industries, sub-sectors,
commodities… even utilizing ETFs that go up when the
market goes down, or those leveraged to deliver up
to 4X the returns of the underlying index.


Using tax-efficient and cost effective exchange traded funds, ETFStocks.com uses the latest portfolio building strategies to maximize returns and effectively minimize risks.

Our sophisticatedly simple portfolios are easy to manage. Every month, ETF Stocks analyzes more than 1000 ETFs, focusing on a handful with the strongest out-performance characteristics. Under normal market conditions, you hold the portfolio for the month, and reinvest the proceeds into the next month’s portfolio.

It’s that simple!

However, our research doesn’t stop there. Once we have handpicked the best of the best, we constantly monitor performance and market conditions. Should any move(s) become necessary, ETF Stocks will alert you.


* risk as defined by beta

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